Investments to Lithuania


Gint Baukus, Molycorp, USA

Gint Baukus worked as an HR Officer at “Western Union” when the corporation was considering expansion to Central Europe. Thanks to his timely notice and information he has gathered and provided to the company, Lithuania appeared on the short list and eventually was selected as investment destination. Presently, it is the largest WU office in the world with roughly 2000 employees.

Aras Pranckevičius, Unity Technologies, Lithuania

Having been interested in programming since high-school, Aras Pranckevičius was noticed by ambitious Danish game development start-uppers as an exceptional talent, and thus became a part of “Unity’s” team from the very beginning. Later on, more and more developers from Lithuania have joined the company, and the growing number of talent from our country brought the company here. They now have two offices with almost 100 employees.

Jurgis Pašukonis, Trafi, Lithuania

Jurgis Pašukonis surprised “Adform” management by his outstanding talent in development projects related to internet advertising optimization. In search for more talent like Mr. Pašukonis, “Adform” established a subsidiary in Vilnius in 2006. By now, it has become the largest “Adform” office in the world with more than 500 employees and has received numerous awards for being the best employer in the country.

Global Innovations Go Lithuania


Feliksas Bukauskas, Albert Einstein Medical College, USA

In 2016, Feliksas Bukauskas donated scientific equipment and genetically modified cell lines worth 350.000 USD to Lithuanian University of Medical Sciences in Kaunas. It encouraged and enabled the university to form a group of scientists who deploy the most modern technology and methodologies for clustering of GJ channels into junctional plaques (JPs) for medical purposes.

Remigijus Gaška, President and CEO of Sensor Electronic Technology, USA

Since 1999, dr. Remigijus Gaška has been collaborating with scientists of Vilnius University by providing them an opportunity to carry out research on nitride semiconductors in the USA. At the time, the research objects were only available in a few laboratories worldwide. A Vilnius University alumnus, dr. Gaška visits his alma matter annually to discuss most recent research topics and speak during optoelectronics seminar. In 2011, he established a scholarship in his name to fund talented Lithuanian Physics students, and every year he selects two most promising graduation projects and provides financing for their further development.

Global Experience for Lithuanian Business


Paulius Kunčinas, Oxford Business Group, Malaysia

Three years ago, he took initiative to establish Lithuania Malaysia Business Council meant to encourage bilateral cooperation. In 2016, Paulius Kunčinas, together with Investors Forum and Free Market Institute, brought to Lithuania unusual lobbying initiative called Fatal Leap (Lemiamas šuolis) for Social Tax Max, employment visas and construction permits as key actions for promoting Lithuanian economy.

Tomas Navardauskas, Aciety, Israel

He started his career in the Netherlands, then returned to Lithuania and started his own company Toglita. Nowadays, he works as Country Manager of Aciety in Tel Aviv and is actively engaged in the activities of The Israel Lithuania Technology Hub building relationships with industry experts across the IT and LS sectors, forging strong partnerships between Israeli and Lithuanian companies.

Darius Vaškelis, One Window Partners, USA

Darius Vaškelis is an active business advisor under GLL business mentorship program eagerly sharing his knowledge of the US market, professional connections and business contacts. His most recent mentees include “Teamgate”, “Otangle”, and “Jobrely”. Besides, Darius consults “Infobalt” association on best ways to promote Lithuanian IT companies in the US market.

Local Impact of Global Experience


Matas Jakovlevas, Tomas Kairys, Traukos slėnis, Anykščiai, Lithuania

In 2013, they came back from Denmark and Norway to their native town Anykščiai and established water board sports center “Wake Pond” on Pagojė lake. In December 2015, they introduced one more service – “Cosmos Pauksčių Takas”. The entertainment rooms, located in Anykščiai and Vilnius, feature mirrored walls that, with the help of special lighting, create an infinity sensation.

Evaldas Masevičius, Evaldo daržovės, Šalčininkai, Lithuania

In 2000, Evaldas Masevičius came back from UK to his native village near Šalčininkai and started growing spices and herbs. At the time, he was a pioneer of such business, but today he is one of the biggest vegetable suppliers in Lithuania with a vast range of herbs and lettuce. The company employs 65 people, most of which are locals from the village.

Jonas Sluckus, BIGSO, Akmenė, Lithuania

In 2005, after acquiring experience in Sweden and Norway, Jonas Sluckus came back to Lithuania and took initiative to promote Venta (Akmenė region) as the investment destination for cardboard production line of Swedish company “Bigso”, which already had a facility in Šiauliai and was expanding rapidly. Now it is known as a modern international facility with 400 employees, 21 export destinations, and large international clients (including “IKEA”).

Global Friend of Lithuania


Kenjiro Tamaki, Japan Lithuania Exchange Center, Japan

In 2013, Kenjiro Tamaki established Japan Lithuania Exchange Center which operates as an NGO and aims to strengthen the economic as well as scientific cooperation between two countries while promoting Lithuania in Japan. Bearing a great amount of experience in international business, he consults Lithuanian companies on the topics of export and business environment, helps to find partners in Japan, organizes events about Lithuania in Tokyo, Osaka, Yokohoma, Hiratsuka, Yaotsu.

Pietro Umberto Dini, Italy

He is inspired by the unique heritage of Lithuanian ethnicity and language and has been performing research on the latter for over 30 years. Pietro Umberto Dini has written numerous Baltics studies in Lithuanian, Italian, and English. He has translated and published a variety of Lithuanian fiction pieces in Italian. Moreover, he wrote monography “Martyno Mažvydo Šv. Ambraziejaus giesmė”.


Francina Baeten Van den Brande, Belgium

She is the founder of Belgian and Lithuanian friendship association in Flandria. By her initiative, for 16 years Duffel town has celebrated the Independence Day of Lithuania on every February 16. This celebration is attended by Lithuanian officials and community, local enthusiasts, and is widely promoted in local media. Ms. Van den Brande also regularly supports schools and hospitals throughout Lithuania and organizes summer camps for children from Lithuanian foster homes.

Special Recognition


Lithuanian City of London Club

This special recognition of Global Lithuanian Awards is dedicated to the Lithuanian City of London Club, which unites professionals of finance, law, business consulting and academia in London on the occasion of the 10th anniversary since their establishment. It is the key networking platform for Lithuanian professionals working in the City of London and an influential voice of Global Lithuanians. The Club facilitates social networking, charitable events and wide array of topical discussion with business, political and other leaders from Lithuania and the UK to foster professional and intellectual interaction between Club members and the Lithuanian society. The club also holds a significant input towards developing the image of Lithuania internationally and attracting investments to the home country.

Lithuanian Ideas Go Global


Paulius Lengvenis, Sems Technologies, Lithuania

Paulius Lengvenis is the founder of “Sems Technologies” – a company that invented “Semseye technology – a sensor connected to an analytics driven cloud platform via internet and providing virtual real time footfall data integrated with external contextual information. “Semseye” technology was among 12 short listed winners out of 300 participants of Challenge UP! accelerator. Since its creation, the system has calculated shopping behaviors of over 220 million people and provided valuable insights for numerous online and brick-and-mortar retailers.

Dalia Lašaitė, Marius Kalytis, CGTrader, Lithuania

In 2011, Dalia Lašaitė got in touch with Marius Kalytis, a talented graphic designer, and they combined the potential of 3D printing with graphic design tools and developed a platform for exchange, buying and selling 3D models among designers and companies. Nowadays, “CGTrader is used by more than 500 thousand consumers around the world and is the largest company in the field.

Aurelijus Liubinas, Deeper, Lithuania

Aurelijus Liubinas, together with professional developers of “Friday Labs”, developed a smart sonar “Deeper”, scanning the waters and sending factual information on location of fish or other objects to smartphones. This was the first sonar in the world compatible with mobile devices and thus instantly became popular. “Deeper” has been rewarded at Consumer Electronics Show 2016 as the best innovative wireless product.

Algirdas Stonys, Telesoftas, Lithuania

While still a student, Algirdas Stonys brought together mobile app developers to create a geolocation tool connecting GPS to mobiles (for iPhone, iPad and Android)  – that was the beginning of “Telesoftas. Now the company has 4 offices in Kaunas, Zurich, Dubai and San Francisco and develops apps for all biggest ICT market players.

Ignas Survila, City Birds, Lithuania

Ignas Survila made the original orange scooter “Pigeon” as his bachelor’s project at Vilnius Academy of Arts. The scooter was really successful on Kickstarter as well as international design awards, thus, recently, Mr. Survila founded company “CityBirds” in Switzerland and this December began the mass production of “Pigeon” scooters.

Global Lithuanian Connectors


Rimvydas Baltaduonis, USA

A Gettysburg College professor, Rimvydas Baltaduonis organizes Annual Summer Meetings of Economists of Lithuanian diaspora and encourages them to engage in international research projects and present them in Lithuanian universities. This year, Mr. Baltaduonis organized campaign #musumetasDABAR and actively raised political activity of Lithuanians living abroad in order to boost their participation in Parliamentary elections. As a result, the input of Lithuanians living abroad has been the highest ever since the independence.

Tadas Kananavičius, UK

In 2008, Tadas Kananavičius formed the Association of Lithuanian Doctors working in UK which unites more than 80 Lithuanian surgeons, gynecologists, psychiatrists, and plastic surgeons. Its prime function is to assist its members in times of challenges, share information on new positions and cooperate with medical organizations in Lithuania. The Association has initiated decisions on the status of Junior doctors in Lithuania, began cooperation between UK Palliative organization and Lithuanian Franciscans organization to help those suffering from cancer.

Linas Maknavičius, France

Linas Maknavičius was a chairman of French Lithuanian Community up until 2015, and today he is responsible for the communications of it. He actively collects historical information of Lithuanians in France, organizes sports events and an annual, traditional cepelinai party at his house. Mr. Maknavičius is the main connection between French Lithuanian, Latvian, and Estonian communities, and is also an active member of Oskaras Milašius society in Paris.

Dalia Lopez Madrona, Sweden

Being a leading Swedish bookbinder, graphic designer and artist, Dalia Lopez Madronais continuously promoting Lithuanian arts and crafts in Sweden and organizing common workshops of Lithuanian and Swedish artists. Acting as an ambassador of Lithuanian culture in Sweden, Ms. Lopez Madrona is responsible for numerous exhibitions and collaborations.

Vytas Narutis, USA

Vytas Narutis was one of 15 activists who, in 1990, formed SOS team in Chicago which communicated with decision makers to push the US top officials to support and acknowledge newly formed Republic of Lithuania after restoration of independence in 1990 and brutal military coup of January 13, 1991. SOS team had the whole action plan for promoting Lithuania and reaching up to the US government, as support from the US was of an enormous importance for a newly independent Lithuania.

Lithuanian Names Famous Globally


Tadas Černiauskas, Lithuania

The talent of Tadas Černiauskas – TadaoCernevolved from architecture to photography and to modern arts. After producing internationally praised projects such as “Blow Job”, “Revealing the Truth”, “Comfort Zone”, Tadas did not stop and has recently surprised the international public with spacious projects “Black Balloons”, “Chromatic Aberrations”, and “Adobe Acrobat” exhibited worldwide.

Valentina Dagienė, Lithuania

Valentina Dagienė is the Doctor of Physical Sciences and the professor of IT at Vilnius University. In 2014, she received Global ICT Excellence Award from WITSA, World IT Alliance, for IT learning and competing platform “Bebras. During 14 years of activities, it has engaged more 1.5 million students from 50 countries around the world. This year, Ms. Dagienė became a laureate of Digital Woman of the Year award.

Gediminas Grinius, Lithuania

Gediminas Grinius started running in order to deal with post-traumatic stress caused by the military service in Iraq. His passion for mountains and off-road, together with strong will, brought him to the record distance at Baltic Cup of 100 Km. This year, he reached the first place among the best Ultra Trail Athletes of the world.

Tomas Laurinavičius, Thailand

Tomas Laurinavičius is a designer, blogger, entrepreneur and adventurer travelling the world with a mission to help 1 million people to change their lifestyle for good. He works on-line for “Forbes”, “Fast Company”, “Business”, teaches design and entrepreneurship on his personal platform “Despreneur Academy”, and is a co-author of “Mobile Design Book”.

Lineta Mišeikytė, Lithuania

Lineta Mišeikytė started her career in film industry while still a student of English language and worked with very first Hollywood projects in 1990s. Now, she is the co-owner of film production company “Baltic Film Services and has produced more than  50 films and mini-series for countries around the world. Thanks to her efforts, Lithuania has introduced tax incentives for international film-makers and became economically as well as historically attractive filming site.

Arminas Ragauskas, Lithuania

Arminas Ragauskas is a scientist, inventor and innovator with more than 100 patented inventions around the world. This year, he was nominated as European Inventor of the Year for his device measuring intracranial pressure and blood flow. The appliance, created together with like-minded scientists, allows to quickly and safely notice increase in intracranial pressure without surgical invasion. The unique equipment developed in Lithuania is used all over the world by various companies, including NASA who utilizes the device to monitor health of astronauts.

Eglė Šimkevičiūtė-Kulvelis, New Zealand

Eglė Šimkevičiūtė-Kulvelis is a theatre director traveling the world since 2011 and staging performances by Lithuanian authors with intention to promote exceptional talent of Lithuanian writers and our theatrical culture. In five years that she spent in Vietnam, Thailand and New Zealand, Ms. Šimkevičiūtė-Kulvelis has staged plays by S.Parulskis and M.Ivaškevičius.

Virginijus Šikšnys, Lithuania

Professor Virginijus Šikšnys is the first Lithuanian scientist to be awarded prestigious Warren Alpert Foundation Prize for his input research of CRISPR bacteria. His findings revolutionized DNA editing with Cas9 protein and expanded the possibilities of treatment of genetic diseases.

Giedrė Žickytė, Lithuania

Giedrė Žickytė is the most famous contemporary director and producer of local and international documentaries. She has been surprising the world with original style of documentaries starting with “How We Played the Revolution” to the most recent “I Am Not from Here” which was produced in collaboration with Chilean artists and was rewarded at the largest film festival Sheffield Doc/Fest (UK), won the prizes at Prix EFA Krakow 2016 (Poland), Visions du Réel (Switzerland) and is nominated for European Film Academy Awards of 2017.

Daumantas Vinkevičius, Lithuania

Daumantas Vinkevičius turned his passion for electronic music to business when he created “YouTube” channel “Lithuania HQ to promote electronical music that is almost exclusively produced by Lithuanian artists. The channel is followed by nearly half a million of fans all over the world and has been viewed by more than 100 million people.