Einaras von Gravrock | CUJO AI | USA

Founder Einaras von Gravrock brought CUJO AI subsidiary to his hometown Kaunas in 2017. CUJO AI is US based artificial intelligence company that provides cybersecurity and device management solutions for network operators worldwide. Today CUJO AI platform covers more than 200M smart home devices worldwide. Recently, CUJO AI transformed its services to B2B format which enabled to attract investment from US telecommunication giant Charter Communications and Dutch company KPN Ventures. CUJO AI has more than 170 employees worldwide, the majority of them – 92 professionals – work in Lithuania.
GLA 2018 Kaplan

Giora Kaplan | WIX | Israel

WIX opened a Lithuanian branch in Vilnius in 2013 by the initiative of Lithuania-related co-founder of the company Giora Kaplan. In 2018, it was named as the most advanced IT company in Lithuania. WIX provide a drag and drop website building platform to over 110 million users in 190 countries. empower anyone to create their own website with no coding or design skills needed. Vilnius office is the second biggest R&D department employing 117 highly experienced programmers.

Jurgis Pašukonis | TRAFI | ADFORM | Lithuania

Adform was founded in 2002 in Copenhagen, Denmark. Today the company is one of the leading advertising technology companies in the world which provides the software used by buyers and sellers to automate digital advertising. Young talented developer then, co-founder of traffic technology Trafi now, Jurgis Pašukonis was studying in Copenhagen and joined Adform there. He surprised the employer with his easy-learning, creative approach, and inspired them to look for more similar talents in Lithuania. Adform took a risk and in 2006 established an office in Lithuania. Adform has offices in 18 countries employing more than 850 people. The majority of them – more than 480 – work in Lithuania. Adform Lithuania has been acknowledged as the best employer of Lithuania several times and is known as very flexible and creative international company.



Ainius Lašas | KTU

Dr. Ainius Lašas is a political scientist, the Dean of Faculty of Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities at Kaunas Technology University (KTU). Referring to his international experience, he seeks to modify the purpose of the study system from quantitative to qualitative, change the student-lecturer relation, base the scientific process on real-life related projects.  The scientist has spent sixteen years abroad. He worked at prestigious Bath and Oxford Universities in UK, United Nations University in Japan, and Washington University in the USA.

Daumantas Matulis | VU

The head of Institute of Biotechnology Department of Biothermodynamics and Drug Design at Vilnius University  Dr. Daumantas Matulis spent 12 years in the USA. He finished his doctoral studies in Minnesota, and created new drugs together with his colleagues at “Johnson & Johnson” in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Once he returned to Lithuania, he took over the laboratory and based its activities on the experience gained at “Johnson & Johnson” and the model used in their laboratories. He has been working and carrying out scientific activities in Lithuania for more than 10 years. Daumantas is involved in the politics of science: he brings like-minded people of Lithuanian origin together in network of experience sharing called “Futura Scientia”, he is the Chairman of the Biochemistry Organization, he is looking for ways to attract global scientists to Lithuania, and for ways to increase the internationality of science.
GLA 2018 Petronis

Artūras Petronis | Toronto University

Dr. Artūras Petronis is a Professor of Medicine at the University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada. He is a pioneer of epigenetic studies of human diseases who launched the first psychiatric epigenomics program in the world. He has been productively collaborating with Lithuanian scientists for more than two decades. Last year Dr. Petronis established a “twin” laboratory at the Life Science Center of Vilnius University. The Lithuanian and Canadian researchers work together trying to uncover the mysteries of fundamental biomedical problems: why do we get sick, how to predict the upcoming disease, how to escape it?

Linas Tarasonis ir Povilas Lastauskas | VU

Vice Dean for research at the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration at Vilnius University Dr. Linas Tarasonis and director of the Center for Excellence in Finance and Economic Research, established by the Bank of Lithuania and VU Dr. Povilas Lastauskas returned to work in Lithuania after their studies and scientific research at the most famous universities in Europe. While working at the CEFER, they initiated and created an innovative Bachelor program of Quantitative Economics. It accepted first 32 students, their studies are in English and will last three years instead of the usual four. As many as 14 professors also work at the Bank of Lithuania. It is believed that this study program will compete with foreign universities in attracting the most talented students in Lithuania, and enable to educate new generation of world class economists.


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Lina Bartusevičiūtė | LITAO | China

Lina Bartusevičiūtė studied  Oriental culture in Lithuania and used the first opportunity to experience it. She settled in Shanghai and needed strong will, determination and persistence to establish herself in huge international city where she has lived for almost ten years. She founded business consulting and mediation company  LITAO (meaning Lithuania in mandarin) where she helps Lithuanian and other international companies to enter Chinese market. She promotes Lithuanian products at local events, she helps any one who comes to Shanghai with professional or personal intentions. Her business style is described as feminine as it includes the social context and is not limited by business hours.

Povilas Gudžius | Bloomberg LP | UAE

Founder and President of Lithuanian Business Association in Dubai (LBAD)) and Head of FinTech sales at Bloomberg, UAE. Povilas Gudžius established LBAD with the mission to help Lithuanian firms uncover opportunities in the UAE market. Today this non-profit organisation connects 50 Lithuanian professionals/businesses and is a platform for bilateral economic trade between the countries. Povilas Gudžius coordinated the first state visit of Lithuanian President D. Grybauskaitė to the UAE followed by the road-show of Dubai Chamber of Commerce representatives in Vilnius in May 2018 which resulted in multiple business cooperations. Povilas has been acting as a business and youth mentor at GLL programs – GLL Business Advisors and LT Big Brother creating exceptional working and learning opportunities in the UAE. In 2017, Povilas led the on-boarding of Lithuanian SOS Children Villages to Bloomberg Philanthropies corporate program and together with his colleagues fund-raised more than €50000 for Lithuanian kids in need.

Vaidas Matulaitis | Bald Brand | Estonia

Professional in PR and Strategic Communication Vaidas Matulaitis is nominated as the most innovative leader of Lithuanian community abroad. Using fresh ideas in events and joint activities he engaged more and younger active Lithuanians in promoting  Lithuania in Estonia and Estonia in Lithuania using the variety of media channels. On the occasion of the 100th Anniversary of Restored Independence, public transport in Tallinn was decorated with Lithuanian flags, huge screens of Tallinn shopping centers and social networks were broadcasting congratulation videos.


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Erika ir Laimonas Adomaičiai | Lavender Inn Guest House | Telšiai

Erika and Laimonas Adomaitis left for England in 2009, acquired valuable business experience and  in 2012 came back to hometown Telšiai. “Our main motto is “Nothing is impossible”. We keep reminding it to our employees and ourselves while investing in the Viešvėnai village building the lavender home ,” say the founders of the 4* guest house “Lavender Inn Guest House”. The guest house contributes to the supply of better quality services for tourists, and create jobs for the local people. “In the global world, any corner can be attractive if you can present it well and make people feel welcomed”.

Antonas ir Anastasija Jevtiuchovai | Litwild Travel | Visaginas

Anton and Anastasija Jevtiuchovas studied in England, and have lived in Spain and Russia before they came back to Lithuania, and founded tourism agency “LitWild”. “LitWild” presents to travellers the wild nature of Lithuania, its culture and traditions in an original and unique manner. The President of Lithuania has awarded the young couple with a “Herojai tarp mūsų” (“Heroes Among Us”) award in Visaginas for patriotism and for the contribution in the development of favourable business environment.

Eivanas Maksvytis | Tavo Robotas | Šilutė

Programmer Eivanas Maksvytis returned to Lithuania after 11 years of programming career in Sweden and Japan. He founded “The Innovation and Robotics Center” at Šilutės Gymnasium. The new laboratory is unique in creating opportunity to immerse into the design and production process, starting from the prototype to the functional robot, which would be 100% created in Šilutė. The laboratory was financed from Eivanas personal funds. The laboratory brought together  students of different age. According to Eivanas, generation with the knowledge of modern technology will be able to compete in the global market with their unique products. Eivanas hopes that Šilutė will become the robotics center of Lithuania.

Vaidas Nagreckis | Agrokonta | Raseiniai

Vaidas Nagreckis came back after 14 years in Denmark in 2013 and started growing lettuce. Having accumulated a lot of agricultural experience, he decided to establish Agrokonta, LLC successfully cultivating green vegetables in open soil in the area of 190 ha. During busy season the company employs around 60 local people. Advanced crop watering, cultivation, harvesting, and trade preparation technology solutions enable to guarantee the quality acceptable to the largest retail chains. In 2014, Vaidas was awarded with “Auksinė lūšis” (“Golden Lynx”) by Raseiniai district municipality for the significant achievements in rural development. He is a sponsor of many rural community events.

Karolina Masiulytė-Paliulienė | Panevėžys

Karolina Masiulytė-Paliulienė is the grand-daughter of famous book-smuggler and founder of the first Lithuanian book-store in Panevėžys Juozas Masiulis. She was born in France and worked as actress in theatres, TV and comedy performances. In 1968, she joined O. Milašius society in France, in 1990–1994 she lead Lithuanian Community in Paris. In 1993, she came to live in Panevėžys and has been running the restored bookstore of the family. Her cultural educational activities aim to promote Lithuanian culture in France, and French culture in Lithuania. In 2017 she received the highest award of France – Legion of Honour.

Aurimas Sabulis | Intus Windows | Šiauliai

Aurimas Sabulis established „Intus Windows“ in 2008 with intention to supply high quality windows to the commercial and residential construction projects in the USA. Immense growth encouraged to consider the construction of industrial facility. Representative of the Embassy of Lithuania in the US Simonas Šatūnas suggested Lithuanian FEZs  for consideration. 2018 marks the start of the construction of 50.000 sq. m. unit in Šiauliai FEZ  which will work with local products and services and will export the produce to the USA. Now, „Intus Windows“ employs 39 people, it has made an agreement with local university for future employees.



Aleksandra Kingo | United Kingdom

Photographer and director from the UK Aleksandra Kingo has exclusively original style: bright colours, playful and almost weird scenes attracted the attention of global marketing agencies in Europe as well as the USA. To name a few famous clients of  Aleksandra: „Virgin Atlantic“, „Kenzo“, „Nespresso“, „Honda“ and others.



Jokūbas Laukaitis ir Vytautas Jašauskas | Worldwide

For the last five years, Jokūbas calls the world his home. He started travelling straight after school and has been sharing his experience on personal Youtube channel with more than 300 000 followers. On the occasion of Centenary the Restored Independence of Lithuania, Jacob in cooperation with Vytautas Jašauskas created ten minute video presenting to the world the best features of Lithuania.

Jonas Kazlauskas |China

Long-term coach of the national basketball team of Lithuania Jonas Kazlauskas have earned Lithuanian basketball a number of victories and worldwide reputation. Moreover, he has trained other global basketball clubs worldwide as well as  the national team of China where he is treated as the national hero. For this award, he was nominated by Ambassador of the Republic of Lithuania in China Ina  Marčiulionytė.

Lina Lapelytė | United Kingdom

Works created by artist and composer Lina Lapelytė living between London and Vilnius are hard to define or frame. Her works were shown at the Serpentine Galleries, London; Queen Elizabeth London;  Macba, Barcelona; DRAF, London and many others. Opera “Have a good day!” made together with Rugile Barzdžiukaite and Vaiva Grainytė – a performance for 10 supermarket cashiers accompanied by the piano and the sounds of beeping scanners – is touring the world and received numerous awards. The artists trio will represent Lithuania at the upcoming Venice Biennial of art with their newest musical/performance work “Sun and Sea”.
marius markevičius

Marius Markevičius | USA

One more basketball related nominee – film director from the USA Marius Markevičius in 2012 created documentary about Lithuanian national basketball team of 1992 Olympics called “The Other Dream Team“ which attracted global attention. This year, he released movie “Ashes in the Snow“ based on the bestseller of Lithuanian American Rūta Šepetys and telling the story of Stalin era deportation in Lithuania.

Mirga Gražinytė Tyla | United Kingdom

This year the world famous orchestra conductor Mirga Gražinytė Tyla has had a very special year: as the head of Birmingham City Orchestra she traveled with the tour around Europe and the USA, as contracted conductor she played with national and academic orchestras in Paris, Berlin, Rome, Torino, Philadelphia, New York.  Last year, influential publication “Politico“ declared Mirgą Gražinytė-Tyla as the talent of the year and included her among the top European Culture influencers of 2018.

Rose Namajūnas | USA

American Lithuanian free-style wrestler Rose Namajunas attracted attention to herself and Lithuania after a number of impressive fights at the tournaments of  “Ultimate Fighting Championship“ crowned by her victory at the end of last year against the long-term winner from Poland. She started training when she was five and started competing at the age of  18.

„Vilnius-Lithuania iGEM“ | Lithuania

Vilnius-Lithuania iGEM” team won the largest, most prestigious, international Synthetic Biology competition iGEM. Vilnius University students bested more than 300 teams from leading world universities. The team won the Grand Prize and received a gold medal as well as three special awards: for Best New Basic Part, Best New Composite Part and Best Part Collection. Vilnius team focused on plasmids: round-shaped DNA structures, which can transfer genetic information and change cell’s function (SynORI).