Forum of Global Lithuanian Professionals

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December 27, 2018

Network of Lithuanian professional diaspora Global Lithuanian Leaders continues the tradition to precede the Global Lithuanian Awards with the Forum of Global Professionals and bring together the Laureates and Nominees of all seasons, global and local over-achievers, decision-makers from the Governmental institutions for the discussion of means and measures for the attraction of exceptional talent for the improvement of global standing of Lithuania.





9:00 – 9:55


New Generation of Lithuanian Trend Setters

Martynas Levickis | Accordion for Music Revolution | Lithuania

Jonas Baziukas | Insect for Food at FOODuristic Farm | Denmark

Audrūnas Gruslys | AI Presence Google DeepMind | UK

Alesis Novik | Identity by Biometrics | AimBrain | UK

10:00 – 12:00


Academic Fellowships Powered by Business

There are global Lithuanian professors and researchers eager to provoke the change in the academic structure of Lithuanian universities, then there are students and university departments in Lithuania hungry for innovative and inspirational teaching, finally, there are open-minded companies looking for well-trained talent and capable to sponsor fellowships / grants to initiate the generation shift in Lithuanian universities.

Shortcut to Unicorn Valley for Lithuanian Startups

There are change and technology driven, future oriented global professionals with abundant resource of expertise, connections and funds, then there is developing start-up ecosystem of Lithuania with ambition to talk and grow global, so, there are components for meaningful learning.

Talent and Country Matching

There is ambitious global talent eagerly exploring the opportunities offered worldwide, then there is this country with comfortable infrastructure, attractive life quality, friendly vibe and a number of open positions, finally, there are tools and initiatives that need to be employed for the quality matching of the two.

Powered by

Work in Lithuania

12:30 – 13:45


Daring to Brag

Jokūbas Laukaitis | Youtube Influencer  | World

Kotryna Kurt | LinkedIn Influencer | Denmark

Moderator Julija (JJ) Jegorova | Black Unicorn PR | UK



Martynas Levickis

Preacher of Accordion | Lithuania
Forum Baziukas

Jonas Baziukas

Fooduristic Farm | Denmark
Forum Kurt

 Kotryna Kurt

LinkedIn Influencer | Denmark
Darius Vaskelis

Darius Vaškelis

Encore Event Technologies | USA
Julija Jegorova

Julija (JJ) Jegorova

Black Unicorn PR | UK
Forum Laukaitis

Jokūbas Laukaitis

Youtube Influencer  | World
Alesij Novik

Alesis Novik

AimBrain | UK
Tarasonis Linas_EFST

Linas Tarasonis

VU | Lithuania

Algirdas Stonys

Telesoftas | Lithuania
LBAD logo
Lithuanian Business Association in Dubai
Povilas Gudžius

Povilas Gudžius

Bloomberg | LBAD | UAE
Lithuanian American Business Association in LA
Forum Barzdaitis

Kęstas Barzdaitis

Adroiti Technologies | USA/ Lithuania
Logo LP Washington
Lithuanian Professionals in Washington DC
Rimvydas Baltaduonis

Rimvydas Baltaduonis

Getyssburg College | USA
Logo LPS
Lithuanian Professionals in Stockholm
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Lithuanian City of London Club
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Lithuanian Professionals in Copenhagen
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Lithuanian Professionals in Oslo
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Lithuania Israel Technology Hub
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