reward the remarkable talent, exceptional vision, and responsible ambition of Lithuanians and Lithuania-connected people who have been contributing to the prosperity and global standing of Lithuania. Global Lithuanian Awards aim to promote the idea of Global Lithuania and create the atmosphere of appreciation for international experience exchange and diaspora engagement.


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established in 2012 by Global Lithuanian Leaders – a non-profit platform for international professionals, and organized in cooperation with Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Prezidente apvali

Dalia Grybauskaitė

President of the Republic of Lithuania

“We are proud of people who always hold Lithuania in a primary position of their hearts, no matter what they do. Their support and energy guarantee the progress and development of our country.”


Linas Linkevičius

Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Lithuania

“Lithuania is small in size, but grand in its people who work, study and travel in Europe as well as overseas. Equally grand are the hearts of people who work for Lithuania, devote their time and energy strengthening us and the country itself.”


Kęstutis Šliužas

CEO of Telia

“It is wonderful that this year we have so many innovative business’ representatives, who attract innovations to our country while also spreading the word about Lithuania globally with their successfully implemented ideas. It is great that we have a chance to show our appreciation for all these people.”


Algirdas Kaušpėdas

Chairman of the Selection Panel of GLA 2015

“Global Lithuanian Awards are absolutely essential for Lithuania. If the success stories of the nominees inspired the Selection Panel, I believe, they will inspire the nation, and, most importantly, will help to conquer the feeling of inferiority, so common to Lithuanians. Lithuania’s biggest challenge at the moment is a lack of quality, thus I wish for Global Lithuanian Awards to acknowledge those that have achieved impressive results through hard work and strong will.”


Dalia Petkevičienė

Board Member of Global Lithuanian Leaders

Initiator of Global Lithuanian Awards

“Global Lithuanian Awards is the occasion to declare to the world and ourselves that Lithuania appreciates the international experience, achievements and talent of our diaspora. At the same time, it is a great source of inspiration for Lithuanians all over the world to help Lithuania improve and become more global.”